15 years
in the game as a UX / UI product designer
2 decades
of Air Force and Fortune 50 leadership experience
2x founder
of scaled startups in web 3.0 and agency design
Top 1%
ADP List design mentor award recipient for October, 2022
Full-stack designer
capable of scaling ground-zero ideas into vibrant, thriving solutions
Leader and practitioner
ready to lead teams of all sizes or push pixels once to the left
10 years
in the Air Force as a Human Factors instructor and recruiter
failed ideas, but damn, mistakes are the best teachers
Color Theory
Design Systems
Engineering Specs
Native iOS/Android
Responsive Design
Voice and Tone
Coffee Inhaling


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James isn’t just looking for a job, he’s looking for the next big adventure that can harness his design, business, and leadership experience to transform innovative ideas into fully-baked solutions ready to change the world.

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The word "unfair" comes to mind when observing James in his element. Unfair, because it seems unfair that one person can not only possess such a broad skillset but that there is real depth to each and every one of those skills. A master of all design trades, James could be dropped into any situation and not help but to provide immense value and make meaningful progress towards all challenges involved in launching successful products.

Everyone claims that they contribute to the success of product launches, but James is one of the few people I've ever worked with who doesn't need to make this claim, his track record speaks for him, his process and accompanying results speak for him, and the people he has worked with, managed, and influenced can all attest to the fact that James actually does contribute to the success of product launches, in a way that few others can.
Dave Hughes
Staff Product Designer, RMS
I have had the pleasure of working with James on multiple projects, both at Charter and passion projects on the side. His reverence for design is apparent and can be seen in everything he touches, even whiteboards. Within weeks of working together, James converted me into a true believer of how integral design is to the customer experience. As a stakeholder and peer, I had the opportunity to witness his people management skills, often in awe. He excels at building personal connections and is a fierce advocate for his team. Any team he is on truly will get sh*t done and have fun doing it.
Heidi Christensen
Senior Product Manger, Charter Spectrum
James is a rare individual — equally talented as a visual designer, UX designer, business strategist, team leader, mentor, presenter, listener…. you get the idea. If you have a complex, thorny challenge, put James on the case and watch what happens. I’m a better designer and manager for working with James, and you will be too.
Nancy Essex
Design Director, Morningstar Managed Portfolios
James is an outstanding manager. He is excellent at motivating, guiding, and pushing me to do the best work that significantly impacts the organization by launching products faster. He places his people first and always creates a safe environment to discuss difficult situations. James is simply the best manager I've ever worked with.
Danny Tran
Sr Product Designer, Blockchain Creative Labs
I cannot say enough good things about James. His work ethic and commitment to excellence and delivery demonstrated many of his strengths in some of the most demanding corporate environments. He was able to direct both incoming upper management requests as well as directly interface with the engineering team with professionalism I have never witnessed before in the industry.

Which leads me to recommend James’ most prominent trait; James’ ability to lead. The team was faced with many difficult scenarios that were both a challenge on morale as well as the team's ability to succeed. James' demonstration of leadership and dedication to excellence was the driving factor for the team to be the most successful engineering team of the current software development organization at Charter.
Scott Heimmer
Data Engineer, Zions Ban
James is by far one of the most talented people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His ability to manage meetings and communicate design is both impressive and unparalleled. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to collaborate with him on a few projects, and I just all around enjoyed having a conversation with him. I’m confident he will continue to excel in his career and his life, and any company that he works for will be better because of him.
Mike Theodorou
Senior Frontend Engineer, Major League Baseball